Will the GOP Play into Obama's Arms?

When given the opportunity to push back against Obama’s radical big government agenda, the American people have pushed with all their might.  VA, NJ and now MA have been resounding messages that We The People reject socialism.  After the latest victory for ordinary Americans, Obama and co. have decided that the best approach is to come down from their ivory tower and go back to pretending that the President is a centrist.

If successful in rebranding himself, Obama may be able to secure safe passage for his endangered progressive allies – as well as a second term.  I can think of no prospect more terrifying for the safety of the American way of life than a second Obama term.  Without having to worry about a re-election, the Chairman in Chief would be able to go full-tilt implementing his agenda.  It falls upon us to stop this through the most effective means possible: campaigning, spreading the word, and getting out the vote.

Unfortunately, it appears that some poor misguided souls in the GOP may help Obama secure his goals. McConnel, Coryn and company seem ready to provide safe haven for “moderate” Dems and Obama to successfully rebrand themselves into the party and President of the average Joe.

Conservatives must make sure that the GOP big wigs in Washington do no such thing.  I suspect their motivation lies in the fear of being branded as “the party of no” and suffering at the polls.  It would be more effective, however, to dispel the myth surrounding that narrative.  When it comes to health care reform, for example, the Democrats did not need a single Republican vote in order to shove their plan (or should I say plans) down the American people’s throat.  The risk of losing votes by being unable to turn around this obviously false narrative is far less than the risk of keeping the Obama-Pelosi-Reid alliance in office.

The only reason the President is choking down his considerable pride and putting on the centrist act again is because the Dems are on the ropes. If I may be allowed to mix metaphors: we’re up by one, the clock is counting down, their coach has burned their time-out, and any second now they’ll pull their goalie.  Instead of giving up a softy and going into overtime, let’s hammer one home into their empty net!