Severely Conservative?

In the article, “DeMint calls for GOP assessment of race, praises Romney”, Sen. Jim DeMint attempts to parrot the GOP Establishment’s position that Mitt Romney is the best candidate.  DeMint’s Tea Party ties are supposed to soothe  conservatives’ mistrust and dislike for a Romney candidacy.

Apparently, DeMint was not sufficiently “impressed” enough to actually endorse Romney.  In fact, the whole episode appears to be a staged attempt to simply follow the “party” line.

Reading deeper into the article, I find this little gem:

A senior GOP aide said Romney also met with Washington state Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers, Michigan Rep. Fred Upton, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Missouri Rep. Billy Long.

Does the Romney campaign (and the GOP Elite) really think openly meeting with Rep. Fred “Light bulb ban” Upton and Sen. Lisa “What Party Do I Belong to Again?” Murkowski win over conservatives??

No wonder GOP Primary turnout is in the toilet.