A plan for dealing with ILLEGAL INVADERS

Since the talking heads on here like to claim that many of us only offer criticism rather than real solutions, below is a plan to deal with the illegal invader issue here in the US.  Do not be confused by the politically correct references to “undocumented aliens” or illegal “immigrants”.  Those here illegally are CRIMINALS and ILLEGAL INVADERS violating the sovereignty of the United States.   Why would we reward people whose first act on our soil is to violate our laws?

PHASE 1: Build the freakin’ fence, back it up with a wall, include a moat, and then install randomly placed land mines across the entire southern border. Call it a “massive public works program” (channel your inner FDR)  if that makes you touchy, feely progressive RINOS sleep better at night. STOP with the cost thing please; I am sure we can divert the printing presses off of the EURO bailout program for a couple of days to get the cash.

PHASE 2: DEPORT every illegal in the country, one at a time if necessary. Please note that DEPORT does not equal detain. Again, you can call this a “jobs” program if it makes you feel better, as I am sure we can put people to work on this effort.

PHASE 3: Expedite all LEGAL immigrants after sufficient background checks. Yes, you guessed it: another jobs program possibility.

PHASE 4: Resume LEGAL immigration through LEGAL processes.

BTW, there is no need for a national ID program. I realize this is going to be confusing for many of you: B-I-R-T-H  C-E-R-T-F-I-C-A-T-E