Hey Boehner, how about showing us what is behind Door #4 . . .

For those you of who wonder why us Tea Party folks are seething mad at the House GOP and Speaker Boehner, let’s take a look at a little Washington math.

Boenher Plan v3.0 supposedly cuts spending by $900 Billion over 10 years.  1st off, no sitting Congress can restrain future Congresses, so any real cuts are only binding on the current Congress (and we all know how that works). But let’s travel to ‘The Shire’ for a moment and “pretend” that they would adhere to this plan:

According to Obama’s own “budget” (yes, I realize this too requires the “willing suspension of disbelief” since the Democrats have yet to pass a budget in over 800 days), total NEW SPENDING over the next 10 years will be $8.7 Trillion.

Boehner’s gang offers a “deal” which averages $90 Billion in cuts per year, while Obama and the Democrats tell us they are going to increase spending by an average of $870 Billion per year ($8.7 Trillion in New Spending / 10 years).  To make matters worse, we all know that this new spending estimate is laughingly low compared to actual spending.

No matter where you are from, whether it is Middle Earth, The Shire, or Mordor, this deal ends up adding (at a bare minimum) $7.8 Trillion in NEW SPENDING ($8.7 Trillion – $0.9 Trillion) over the next decade.  Is this the GOP’s idea of spending cuts?  No wonder we are BROKE!

This Hobbit would like to see what is behind Door #4, or at least rewind to Door #1, CUT,  CAP & Balance!