Just out cruising to make a "score"

As usual, another alarming story appears to have slipped past the ever vigilant eyes of the main stream media.  As I perused the various news sources, I happened across what I thought may be a very serious issue.  The headline read, “Hezbollah Working with Cartels”.  Right away I was skeptical.  After all, I seem to remember ‘Big Sis’ assuring us that the U.S.- Mexico Border As Secure Now As It Has Ever Been”.

Since the left is constantly telling us that Fox News lies and spreads “right wing” propaganda, I thought I had better do a little research of my own.  Lo and behold, I found several articles claiming that Middle Eastern terrorist groups are working with the Mexico drug cartels just south of our “secure” border.  When I looked at the dates, things really got confusing clear.  First reports of this were as early as 2008; nearly 3 years BEFORE the Fox News article and nearly 2 years BEFORE Homeland Gropers Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s assurances of border security.

By now, I am sure you are very concerned about our national security.  I admit I was too, at least at first.  The crazy, right wing part of my brain immediately jumped to the conclusion that terrorists who hate Americans and want to kill us all are sneaking into our country via the Southern border.  I immediately began to gather phone numbers of my Congressman and Senators to demand that we seal up the border.  I quickly returned to sanity and threw away my Senators’ phone numbers, as I remembered they were on ANOTHER “vacation” (they are also flaked out leftists who love “undocumented immigrants” ILLEGAL INVADERS).

Then it hit me!  I realized that I must be totally wrong on this whole terrorist/open border thing.  Those crazy Islamic radicals are just cruising through Mexico hoping to score some ‘medical marijuana’.  Ole’!