Why the Ayers Ads Won't Work

I borrowed a copy of Bill Ayers’ Teaching Towards Freedom expecting to find the tactical manual of a battle-hardened revolutionary. It is no such thing. It is a wordy, though literate, ramble espousing the nostrums which have floated through Colleges of Education for four or five decades now, and have already done so much damage: we must encourage an atmosphere of freedom in our schools, students and teachers really teach each other, we mustn’t have arbitrary rules, standardized testing serves the State, etc., etc. Your junior high school teacher has already heard this stuff–she’s not scared of it. People who watch Oprah love and believe it. They won’t be scared of “Uncle” Bill Ayers–who appears on the inside back jacket with a Mr. Rodgers expression on his face.

Bill Ayers is not a revolutionary– he is a sentimental naif. He hasn’t had a new thought since college. Of course, in the history of revolution, sentimental, literate naifs (like Che, Mao) often become the bloodiest of killers.

Ayers was a failure as a revolutionary, but his protege stands on the threshold of power. Don your cardigans, my fellow Americans, and turn down your thermostats. Buy gold, and call the troops home: a dark night is coming.

Then– SARAH 2012!