A Tale of Two Parties

Hi, I am new here and this is only my second diary entry. So, I thought I would tell everyone what I have seen as an outsider to the party and someone who rejected the other party. First my voting record. I was eligible to cast my first Presidential vote it was for Ronald Reagan in his second term, I was so excited, I wanted to vote for him in 1980, but I was too young. My second vote was for George Bush Sr., I wasn’t nearly as excited, he seemed as interesting as a wet paper bag, but a good person. I fell into the company of liberals after that and while I didn’t change my core beliefs I feel they were manipulated to a degree. Liberals like to imply if you vote Republican you are anti-human rights and racist among other charming things. So, in 1992 I voted for Clinton and again in 1996. I bouaght the progressive mantra hook line and sinker. But, because my core beliefs didn’t change, when Clinton’s affair became a top story the scales began to fall off my eyes. But, still I clung to the party until 2003.

What was it that opened my eyes? It wasn’t Clinton’s affair. I was shocked that so many people didn’t think it was a big deal, but I still thought that Democrats embraced my core values. It wasn’t Al Gore trying to steal the election, I thought he had a real reason to believe he won. One of the things that struck me was the attitude after 9/11 some of my extreme liberal friends said we deserved it. I was stunned, but it was only one of my friends. I agreed with the war in Afghanistan, I was all for it. I took heat for that. I took a lot of heat and I didn’t care. It wasn’t a popular war among Liberals at any time even if they now say it was. I was living in Minnesota when Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash. So, I saw coverage of the funeral, I thought it inappropriate, still didn’t think I should switch parties. It was during this time though I was starting to go to political chat rooms every once in awhile. What struck me was after I started sorting things out was the difference in how people from different parties behaved. I started ignoring the most obnoxious chatters everytime I entered a chat after a while I looked around and I was left with mostly Conservatives to talk to and a few Independents and maybe a single Liberal. After a couple months I decided that I didn’t want to associate myself with people that could do nothing more than hate GW Bush(even though I didn’t like him much) and tear down other people. It isn’t my style and never was.

My core values have always been to look at the individual, not their race, gender, or religion. I value personal responsibility. I think that it is better to respect life than discard life. I think if you disagree with someone you should tell them why instead of saying they are Hitler. I am a Hawk, I will always be a Hawk. I think if you are going to talk about helping people you should do something about it and not just talk all the time. I think that education is a good thing, but I don’t think it should be confined to the classroom. I don’t think teachers should be allowed to use the classroom as a political podium. I think that keeping the government out of our private lives is a good thing.

I don’t just believe that the Democrats have not upheld my core values. I know they have betrayed them. I saw how they mocked Condoleza Rice and Colin Powell with racist comments. I see them doing the same thing to Sarah Palin. They even refuse to call her Governor Palin, they say her experience is 3 years ago she was the mayor of a small town. I see them mocking the religious. I don’t attend Church, but I don’t think it is right to mock other people for spiritual beliefs. So not only do I know that Democrats don’t uphold my core values, I know they mock them. Goodbye and good riddance, to the Democratic Party, I hope they never hold the White House again.