McCain and Palin

While some Democrats and Moore talk about the hurricane being Gods gift to Democrats, Sarah Palin boards a plane to Jackson, MS to assess preparedness and to lend support to the residents that will likely be affected by the hurricane. John McCain will be joining her as soon as possible to lend more help and support. The GOP convention that many have been looking forward to for a year and a half will become a donation collecting site instead of the celebration of the GOP Presidental Nominee and his VP pick going forward onto the campaign trail. It has been said that it wouldn’t be right to celebrate as people are facing a storm of this magnitude and stand to lose a lot. I agree with this of course. But, look at the contrast, Democrats slap the faces of people in this region and Republicans roll up their sleeves and get to work and help the people of the region. I hope this distiction isn’t lost on MSM, but I will not hold my breath.