Wagging US by the Condom

Headlines everywhere have pronounced the recent SCOTA rulings a major blow to Obama, but in regards to the Hobby Lobby case it may turn out to be actually the opposite.  No mainstream outlets are talking about the economy, employment, foreign policy, and health care; where the President is failing on all fronts.  The only thing this administration has been even halfway successful in lately is criminality, and yet for two days straight I have read and heard nothing of consequence beyond this inane back and forth over birth control.  Yes, I know there is substance to this issue but not in the way it is currently being presented in the mainstream debate.

The President’s polling goes up only when reality is obscured, so despite the recent “worst president in history” lede this news cycle will be a ratings hit for Obama unless focus is redirected to his abysmal record of performance.  The Democrats and media apologists are loathe to hold Obama accountable for anything and absolutely giddy to exploit this distraction for all its worth.  They have figuratively grabbed us by our privates and are yanking us around so we lose focus on more important things.  We need to stop this.  Now.

Everyone knows even though some won’t admit that the IRS has targeted political opponents of the administration.   The absolute steady flow of horror stories facts from the VA continue to be disregarded by the media, I guess without a Republican President there is just no one to blame.  It is very unlikely that our already-held-in-contempt Attorney General has plans do anything about the IRS or VA being too busy investigating the obvious issue of our times, high frequency trading.  We are one quarter away from a technical recession although no one would even know if it actually happens because the fudged numbers would not be corrected until after the next elections anyway.  In fact, the correction queue will probably stretch past the following election season considering they still need to wade through a mountain of unemployment and ACA enrolled trash numbers.  To top all of this off, it seems Obama has made it his personal mission to empower a caliphate so bad that we now have to distinguish between moderate and radical terrorists.

None of this has changed with the recent court ruling nor will it.  Conservatives should not be celebrating and we surely shouldn’t allow ourselves to become engaged over a topic that has already been decided.  The ACA is still a smoke and mirrors construct that supporters admittedly say is designed for failure to further an even more radical agenda.  The IRS and VA situations have gotten about as much attention as a US Consulate under siege in Libya and our chief law enforcement official is busy playing the race card and chasing red herrings.  It is time to refocus with harsh scrutiny on the economy, jobs, personal freedom and national security.  It is time to hold this administration accountable and start discussing solutions that can help repair this nation.