NYT Obama Photobomb Captioning

Take a look behind the President in this NYT photo topping their story on Obama’s vivid* statement about American foreign policy. There’s a gem of a photobomb to be seen for those able to bore through Obama’s historical aura.

I wonder if this odd expression is the result of an active imagination fueled by past policy statements and the excuses that have followed.

Here’s my stab at his imagineered internal Obamalogue:

That’s on me… we fumbled the containment of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

We have discovered that foreign policy is complicated.

A compliant Iran was not as … uh .. compliant as we expected.

If the Jews like it in Israel, they can keep Israel.

Geesh, after that exercise I’m experiencing the same facial contortions! Anyone else want to take a stab at this?

*Vivid, as in let me make myself clear. Period.