Liberals Loathe Me. This I Know, for the NYT Tells Them So.

Here’s the chorus, everybody sing!

Yes, liberals loathe me!
Yes, liberals loathe me!
Yes, liberals loathe me!
The New York Times tells them so.

Moe Lane uses fewer than 75 words on his latest front page post at RedState to make the point that Steve Almond is just flat out “a bad person.” Instead, he lets the louche liberal’s venomous screed over at the NYT speak for itself:

“the extreme right wing of this country…blame those figures who, in my view, embody the decadent ignorance of the age…conservative demagogues…The Tea Party — inflamed and partly financed by well-funded lobbying groups…moral atrocities of the Bush era…right-wing misanthropy…I’ve come to regard all conservatives as extremists, a mob of useful idiots plied by profiteers…sadists…”

Steve Almond’s absolute loathing for those that hold views other than his own is palpable, this is rather obvious. Something that I missed the first time however, maybe due to his liberal sledge hammer of hate, is a very important lesson. It was the fact that even as he instructed readers to tune out conservatives it’s obvious they don’t listen to other viewpoints anyway. At that time, the top recommended comment was this:

I hear stories about liberals tuning into Fox or Limbaugh – but I could never imagine doing it myself. I leave it to Media Matters or some such group to tell me what I’m supposed to outraged about!

That’s right, the top recommended comment states he lets Media Matters and people like Steve Almond of the NYT to “tell me what to think.”

Another top comment discusses the latest progressive plot of not engaging in dialogue but just silencing alternative views… even though he has only listened to 10 minutes of conservative ideas over the past five years and highly recommends you do less.

I would bet that once the airways are clear of this vitriol, we all will be able to think more clearly. I’ve only listened to about 10 minutes’ worth in the last 5 years, and had to choke down feelings of disgust just to do that! Don’t torture yourself, just tune out.

This mean spirited post and sad reader commentary had me looking back for a piece by John Podhoretz from a while back about how shocked “La-La Libs” were that the Supreme Court might consider Obamacare unconstitutional. He explained how the echo chamber of the left and its liberal lemming dwellers have over time put themselves at an extreme disadvantage.

There will again come a time when liberals and conservatives disagree on a fundamental intellectual matter. Conservatives will take liberals and their arguments seriously and try to find the best way to argue the other side… And the liberals will put their fingers in their ears and sing, “La la la.”

We must be careful here though, the real lesson is not that liberals are blinded by their own ideology. It is instead that we must continue to make sure we do not become similarly afflicted.

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