There is No Plan

President Obama: Do not try and defend the plan. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth.

Jay Carney: What truth?

President Obama: There is no plan.

Jay Carney: There is no plan?

President Obama: Then you’ll see that it is not the plan that needs defending, it is only yourself.

There is no plan.  Actually there was one, but it didn’t have anything to do with jobs either… well, maybe one.  It certainly came as no surprise to me that President Obama’s American Jobs Act exemplifies Einstein’s Theory of Insanity, basically doubling down on stupid, hoping for change “this time” despite the disappointing evidence of past failures.   It’s so obvious even a Senator can grok.  Mitch McConnell’s blunt denouncement mirrored my own thoughts. On the Senate floor recently he actually seemed to struggle a little bit as he searched for a kinder way than crazy to describe Obama’s policies; however, he did not have any reservations about identifying the true intent of Obama’s much anticipated speech.   Blame others, get re-elected.

The only sane thing Obama is doing now is sticking with what works.  He has always been a great campaigner.   Unfortunate for him though is that for the first time in his life there is no higher office for an upgrade.   No lofty positions on the horizon, no escape from present votes and shady patronage past or a media induced amnesia, the bus is out of gas and he’s stuck here with us mere mortals.  This is not a campaign for new office, IT IS A REELECTION CAMPAIGN.  Obama’s record has come home to roost, and for this he has no plan either.

I’m not looking forward to a year of the President telling me why his failure is someone else’s fault, but you can bet that those on his team are truly starting to sweat.  After all, the one thing the President has been very good at is blaming others.

Hey team Obama.  Maybe instead of arguing about how many jobs have been “saved” maybe you should think about a plan for your own!