Goodbye Cruel World

Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent (in my best impression of a Dana Carvey impression).  I shall not abandon my family, friends, and country to slip into the hypnotic, sucking vortex of failed progressivism.  So what’s with the GCW title?  It’s probably not what you think.   As a tribute to the old-timers, I say read on past the fold…

My wife has been battling breast cancer and winning, she is truly indomitable.   I try my best to provide her with the upmost care and support possible while juggling a hectic work-related travel schedule and my own recovery advocacy efforts, but simply do not have the time to hone the skill set and network necessary in politics to move beyond exercising my power to vote and persuade at the local level.  Both of these actions are critical to the cause though watching the march of events on newscasts from hospital to hotel lobby often leaves me stressed- as if my personal effort is not enough. If not for RS, I fear this stress would bloom or maybe transform into the resigned impotence and the feigned apathy so common among Americans looking to better emotionally manage the plight of family and country.

I use RS as my force multiplier, through my small contribution, advice and support I facilitate those FOCUSED and ABLE to do the necessary heavy lifting to move our country forward.   For the most part I have enjoyed what little time I’ve had interacting in the blog/gathering continuum with most of the movers and shakers of RS; they are approachable and on most subjects open minded.  There is not a single one of them that has the same exact views as I do on every issue- but that is a good thing.  Most of them are like me and enjoy both intelligent and yes, catty verbal/post sparring where egos are sure to clash. Friction is inevitable when you put more than one DOER in a room.  They are the apex of the now great weight and a broad base of RS.  This site is not only a solid anchorage, safety from the sucking vortex, but now a “gathering” point for offensive operations.  As a single brick of this base I may seem insubstantial when compared to those in the limelight… but without me and thousands like me, they too would be a mere shade.  With this in mind it makes it easier for me to play a supportive role because in essence they are doing my bidding.  So I want strong personalities with unabashed advocacy on the FP, not milquetoasty appeasers.

There have been times when I was a very active contributor on RS and other sites I became introduced to through RS- now I rarely do more than a morning or late night scan although I know one day I will resume an active campaign.  There are others now I know very well or at least run in the same circles that have become themselves DOERS, and may perhaps be chafing under the weight of those at the RS apex.  To these I say not good riddance, but good luck.  I hope that you do leave, that you set up an equally effective force as RS, and that in time you too become an anchor for conservatism.  Maybe then together we can all say goodbye to the cruel world of progressive enslavement and hello to a new morning in America.