Vicarious Activism at the 2010 RedState Gathering

I care greatly about what happens to our nation and know that this depends upon Americans retaining the freedoms and liberty that made us great.  As a passionate but unconnected conservative I am ill-equipped beyond voting to make a difference alone, but not so through “vicarious activistism” and that is why I am here at the RedState Gathering in Austin.

Me at a political gathering, who would figure?  In my non-political advocacy, I network and schmooze, write prolifically, and speak on a regular basis in front of groups ranging from 10 to 200.  Some might even say I’m a top blogger, albeit in a limited field.  I am also very comfortable and confident in my professional life; drop me in any plant, in any country, and I’ll throw my thing down.  Politics though, yes I’m very passionate, but I know I’m not as informed as I should be and have neither the time nor the opportunity to become so.  This leaves me frustrated and often feeling powerless… or it used to before I joined RedState.

My occasional venting here makes me feel better, but that’s a short lived feeling.  There is a far greater purpose that RedState serves; they empower the conservative in me.  Through my support of RedState I can make a difference.  Every time Erick comes on TV, or the site is mentioned in the news, I feel that my voice is being heard- that I can change things.  I feel a little awkward and out of place at such a large gathering of notable politicians, but I’m not here for the baby-kissing professionals that will not remember my name 5 seconds after the handshake.  I’m here to reaffirm my relationship with Erick, Neil, Bill, Caleb, Victoria, Dan, Steve, Moe, Aaron and the rest of the front pagers who I know are strong in their fields, and comfortable in this environment.  I’ve delegated my activism, authority, and desires to them.  They will make sure that even though pols may not remember my personal or screen name- they will most assuredly be aware of my desires.  Because of RedState, they know if these desires are not met that my SUPPORT and MONEY will go to whoever does pay attention and act accordingly.

No longer powerless, here at RedState I am BBK and the politicians will definitely hear my roar!