Those Colored Glasses

Resigned to the fact that an admittedly dysfunctional Democrat majority passed its expiration date along with health care legislation; progressive supporters seem to have accepted defeat for now yet still hope for change in the future based on certain demographic trends.

… over the next two or three decades, demographic changes strongly favor the Democratic Party, since population growth is concentrated within groups that vote heavily Democratic (non-whites, non-Christians, Creative Class, Millennials etc). ~ Open Left

That’s right (they said it), these people are clinging to their class warfare and race based politics “as a way to explain their frustrations.” Unlike the effect of 3-D glasses in the theater that add depth and dimension to a subject, progressives and their Democrat politicians view the world through lenses that flatten the voting public into static objects incapable of movement, mired in color coded stereotype, and unable to thrive without a handout.

Their powerbase and hope depends on a divided nation. Those colored glasses they wear make it impossible to see that non-whites are Americans too, Millennials grow up, non-Christian doesn’t mean intolerant (and it certainly doesn’t include most Hispanics), and the creative class can become awful conservative when no one has expendable income and the government begins to dictate what is art.

They don’t see the poor struggling to make a better future, they see victims. Missing is the melting pot of Schoolhouse Rock and the character analysis of King. Everyone must be sorted by race, sex, orientation and ethnicity, it’s the only thing they can see through those colored glasses. They don’t see my America the land of opportunity, only a Balkanized political arena full of pitiful pawns and it gets worse. Down in the black and white of his memoirs, proven by his passive patience in the pew, and put on display by his rush to rash judgment… guess who else wears those colored glasses?

3D Obama