Press 2 For The President

After his administration announced from the nation’s capital (not ours) plans to sue Arizona for enforcing federal law, President Obama released this morning that he would try to entice the state bent on proactive protection back into the passive new world order by making it an important stop on his Summer of Recovery Tour touting job creation. Accompanying the prize winning internationalist president will be a delegation of SEIU Democrat activists, they will be tasked with turning an embarrassingly idle 3500 acre tract of federal land into an employment training retreat creating even more job opportunties for drug runners and coyotes.

Leaders of President’s Purple Persuaders, officially known as Obama’s Army of Purple Persuasion or SEIU for short, said that their boycott of Arizona was having little effect and that brute force direct action was not only needed to create jobs, but to also ensure the rights of unprotected (illegal/criminal) workers to make a living(and vote). In addition to distributing the race card to all participants, the SEIU will also be offering classes on detection avoidance, border patrol defense tactics, and of course lessons in socialism.

All this seemed a little bit over the top to me, I mean this is still America right? So I decided to go direct to the source and call the White House to see if I could get the straight facts and boy did I! The automated voice on the answering service stated that to properly direct my call I should press 1 for English or 2 for the President.