Problematic Politiparazzi: Mousy College Students in Cheap Blazers Scare Me Too!

Kudo’s to North Carolina’s Bob Etheridge for being such a champion to Democrats everywhere who are scared to leave their homes in fear of actually facing a non-scripted interview by freelance journalists not anointed by White House water guns. These politiparazzi villains hide behind such dated notions as the Constitutional right of free speech and petitioning for governmental redress of grievances using ambush tactics by lurking in hidden recesses of the sunlit public sidewalks of our nation’s capital. It’s unnerving- the audacity of these young thugs cloaked behind their thin J Crew veneer of courteousness and tactful passivity, they are absolutely out of control!

Thank you Congressman for assaulting this dastardly punk and foiling his plans to hold, actually hold you accountable- I bet he understands now that you know what is best for him! This is a textbook example of Obama’s message to get in their face by verbally intimidating and then physically restraining the artfully concealed, but so obviously violent and subversive conservative. I plan to remind everyone of your dedication to the Democrat/Obama cause in the upcoming elections, because mousy college students in cheap blazers scare me too!