Your Papers Please

The legislation is already in place, now it won’t be long before everyone will be required to present their papers or face fines, seizure of assets, and even imprisonment by the most feared of government agents. Party members and favored groups will be exempt, but the common man beware- you will be subject to a level of government scrutiny and control never before seen in America.

How did we get here?

Well the first thing you need to understand is that I’m not talking about identification or immigration papers. In fact, those living in the US illegally and off the grid really have nothing to fear. It’s the tax paying and rule obeying legal citizenry that will be facing this army of enforcement officers hired for the singular purpose of making sure everyone has their papers… proof of insurance that is.

The massive legislation passed by one political party of the US Congress in 2010 is to blame; most of these lawmakers self admittedly knew little about the ramifications of their actions other than it would please their party bosses and dear leader. What is really scary about this is that probably the only thing larger and more confusing than this legislation that requires mandatory compliance and documented proof is the infamous tax code that empowers the growing horde of government IRS agents that will enforce it.

This week I was required to show ID to use my own funds to purchase dinner, to fly on a plane, and to check into a hotel room. Showing my ID does nothing more than protect me from fraud and the illegal actions of others, but when the government is demanding my papers to show that I am conforming to what is essentially party rule I become fearful. What is next after proof of insurance? When they demand my papers will there be a coal black tread stamp identifying my overlarge carbon footprint? How about a red dollar sign signifying I have “made enough money”? Will I face discrimination or prosecution because of my political or religious beliefs in the coming era of big government? What will they really be asking when they say “papers please?”

I do not mind at all showing identification to prove that I belong here; I do however fear that the government will so skew our country that in essence my freedom and way of life really no longer belongs here.