Obama’s Haute Couture Health Care

It is something we all want but the price is too steep, it is made for the elite by the elite; the uber-partisan health care legislation pushed by Democrats is anything but reform. Doesn’t matter though, it wasn’t really created to help us. It is instead Obama haute couture designed explicitly as cover for his two years of strutting the liberal catwalk giving pretty speeches, with an empty resume, and absolutely no credible plans.

Pelosi and Reid are the grand couturiers of this monstrosity, promising the President the finest of custom made suits to replace the emperor’s old/new clothes that increasingly have left Obama exposed to criticism. They have stitched it together from the most costly of components, sparing no expense to make the special interests swoon and teetering senators topple. It has been hand crafted in exhausting detail through a time consuming process of bribery and chicanery. The end result is nothing more than a fashion statement that Obama will parade in front of his sycophantic court of journalists saying “aint I grand”.

Obama, his partisans in Congress, and the liberal elite have abandoned all pretenses of working for the people even dangerously disregarding their petulant but effective grassroots base in this effort to self-claim a historic achievement. It may very well be historic, but in a way they yet can imagine as activists on both sides attack. The new health care reform is a complete failure as effective legislation, it is now just a status symbol with custom fitted provisions that are neither utilitarian nor pragmatic for use by the masses. Only eye candy, Obama’s haute couture health care does not fit America and will never act as coverage or protection for anything but his ego and of those now in power.