ABC’s De"V"otion: An Obamian Slip?

I am a sucker for sci-fi and have been looking forward to ABC’s revamp of the 1980’s campy classic miniseries “V” for some time now, but something beyond entertainment caught my attention in this fall preview clip. Check out the specific phrases that come one after another about midway through the clip and then of course there is the interview scene.

To the youth:
“Youth obsessed with the “V”s” (1:41)
“The “V”s, they call it spreading hope” (1:47)
To the media:
“Just be sure not to ask anything that would cast us in a negative light” (1:52)
“Embracing change is never easy” (2:15)
To the general populace:
I will heal you, and you will have no pain. (1:01)
We are your saviors and expect your devotion. (2:02)

Hilarious! Is it possible ABC is experiencing a conflict between the unconscious desire of its news outlet to actually return to journalism and the conscious actions that have turned it into a state propaganda outlet… maybe “V” is a symptomatic reaction from the entertainment group, a serial Freudian slip (Obamian)? A regret by those that “were too quick to jump on the bandwagon…” without examining the facts. (1:21)

Yes maybe I have gone mental, no doubt overanalyzing the whole affair because of the recent rapid fire misconduct exposures, viral school indoctrination videos, Obama on the tube 24/7, and an elitist administration that “knows what is best” for us common humans (2:03). Come show time though, and these key phrases have been mysteriously sanitized… I’m going underground!

Flash forward: late tonight watching recap of Sunday politics…

Wrapping my tinfoil hat even tighter with trepidation- watching yet another speech by the President, I cannot help but think there is a reptilian glint in his eye? (Cue the Vincent Price “Thriller” laugh)