Say Uno and Walk Away


Ask a Democrat or their media sympathizers about GM- what gives them the right? About cap and trade- what are you willing to sacrifice for junk science… job, lifestyle, and our security? About health reform- how are you REALLY going to pay for it? Whatever your issue is with the fiscally irresponsible, ill-managed, power grabbing policies of the current administration it’s more than likely you will not get an answer.

Instead you will be called a racist.

The reason for this is they can no longer rationally and logically defend their actions on any of these issues without outright dishonesty- and you know what happens when you mention this. The campaign era of good feeling is gone, the main stream media ramparts have been breached or circumvented, and a solid majority leaves no scapegoats- the only thing they have left is the race card.

The race card strategy is a good one, they play it because in these days of dog whistles, microagression, and the ability of the left to see into a man’s soul there is no way to defend against it. No facts or proof necessary- just play the card and forget the issue because racism is now the subject.

If you don’t want to play this game that often becomes a circular firing squad where racism didn’t exist and by nature of the argument it suddenly does, then employ the new BBK rule.

Make them say Uno!. That’s right, if they are down to playing their final card that is designed to end the game- then make them say so. Just like in the card game where you win by playing your last card, make them say Uno (or Unobama).

If the Democrats are not going to talk about the fiscal irresponsibility, the flailing economy, unemployment (jobs, jobs, jobs), deficit spending or gross government overreach and instead want to talk about racism- then make them declare it. If they refuse- then say it for them.

Say Uno and walk away.