Jesus was a Corporate Shill

Like a perverted political version of Jeff Foxworth’s “You might be a redneck if…” bit, the current leftist line on manufactured anger and astroturfing would be hysterically funny if delivered by a comedian- but is absolutely terrifying coming from the Democrat majority and its propaganda bureau. In an astounding, bipolar reversal from six months ago, both of these outlets of ignorance have switched from saying that community organizing and grassroots activism is a moral and patriotic duty to now claiming it is nothing more than corporate cronyism and tantamount to treason.

In light of the current state of affairs, I doubt Mr. Foxworthy would mind if I used his formula to highlight some of the more ridiculous Democrat assertions:

You might be a grassroots activist if… you are a member of a tax payer funded special interest group under criminal investigation with close ties to the POTUS.

You might have the right to protest… if you are not a legal citizen and support a racially motivated reqonquista.

You might be a protector of voter rights… if you stalk the polls dressed in a paramilitary uniform brandishing a weapon.

You might be a Democrat if… when the lies fail to persuade you resort to violence.

Long gone are the days of patriotic dissent and the holy pontification of community organizers, if one examines the new Democrat standards it would be safe to assume that they now feel that Jesus was a corporate shill.