Democrats Tape CIA Note on Refrigerator

Have you read this letter? It’s absolutely comical, not even written on real letterhead or even deemed valid by those who signed it. Slipped up under the door of staffers two weeks after the fact it might as well have been left taped to the congressional refrigerator… a note, not an official communication. It’s a ridiculous sham, Republicans not privy to the (D) break room gossip had to get the details from the press! Supporters of Pelosi are touting the letter written by seven Democratic members of the Intelligence Committee as proof of CIA malfeasance and that Pelosi was lied to by the agency about interrogation tactics.

The letter, released by the lawmakers yesterday, didn’t describe what Central Intelligence Agency actions were at issue. ~ Yahoo News

For all I know the subject here could be about misleading Congress on an expense report- it may have been a night at Cheetahs instead of a working lunch at the Depot. This news release is nothing but a smoke screen written not by Panetta, but Democrat enablers trying to provide CYA for Pelosi.

This letter should be ridiculed by the press and those that have signed it should publicly apologize for trying to pass off such a juvenile ruse.

Serious note: Democrat Congressional Refrigerator Notes (DCRN’s) should not be confused with the more official Democrat Freezer Notes (C-Notes) used by Congressman William Jefferson (D).