Don't Go Negative

Concerning the recent actions of Sarah Palin, regardless of her motives she has my support. There is no such thing as a flawless leader, at least not human- so let’s stop pretending they exist and fight for those that at least try. No matter what Sarah Palin has said or done over the last year, she has been absolutely excoriated by the press and pundits. No one in the party – not even her running mate has had the cajones to stand up for this Republican not bashful about promoting a thoroughly conservative agenda. So her response to these largely unfair attacks has registered only as a lone, faint sound amongst a vitriolic roar sometimes muted all-together by the friendly fire of 2008 campaign handlers or the restraints of her office.

Now that is she is free of the reins of office and no longer beholding to a campaign of mediocrity, I for one do not intend to abandon her. In fact, I will pledge my support if she continues fighting for the cause of conservatism and has taken this unorthodox action of leaving office as a preemptive strike considering the recent tactics of the state enamored media. Talk show host, public speaker, or candidate in 2012- she still has a great role to play in the future and she needs our support.

I have not forgot the story from just a few months back, Gingrich says Palin has head start in 2012 in which the sage former House Speaker said that Palin could become a potential front runner with the right preparation.

He said Palin is “very formidable,” and suggested the Alaska governor spend time developing “fairly sophisticated positions” on a range of issues… “Palin starts in Iowa with a substantial base,” said Gingrich, who also noted how important the Iowa caucuses have proven to be in presidential campaigns.

Could this be the direction she is taking? I don’t really know but I certainly don’t intend to speculate anything counterproductive to conservatives or the R brand- the press will be handling that quite nicely without my help.

One more thing to keep in mind, let’s not be just so eager to eat our own like the rank and file Republicans I’m so eager to disown. Let the press run with the negative storyline of recent events, I personally intend to start a positive narrative. That her new found freedom will allow her to excite the base, a chance to push the conservative agenda, maybe even mention the fact that a Gingrich/Palin ticket has a very nice ring to it.