Lefty Logic Fingers Democrat Leaders with Inciting Violence

Hate Speech

The constant hate mongering by Democrat leadership and network sycophants most likely has played a very large role in the recent killing of a soldier just out of basic training. There can be no doubt that the constant accusations of lies, terrorist tactics, torture and brutality- year after year- even going so far as calling our troops cold blooded murders must have incited this man to violence. Even MSNBC agrees, suggesting political motive to blame in military office shooting in their predictably muted coverage of this tragic event.

Not that I really believe this, a loon is a loon. But surely the MSM, lefty blogs, and yes maybe even some of those in the Department of Homeland Security that are so keen on blaming pro-life groups, talk radio, and single issue voters for the murder of George Tiller must have no choice but come to this conclusion. Using their lefty logic, no doubt these groups will shortly demand that these Democrat leaders and their pet talking heads be held accountable for their extreme rhetoric and hate propaganda… but I am not holding my breath.