My Country Cling to Me

My Country Cling to MeThe Obama campaign has launched an aggressive campaign for religious voters with a slogan “Believers for Barack” that for decency’s sake I hope is just an unintentional double entendre for the candidate often punned as a political messiah. Regardless of intent, I think the anointed one should think twice before making a push to remind voters of their religious values and morality and not to mention his behind the scenes condescension of their faith.

My Country Cling to MeCatholics have been a prime target of this campaign but the token inclusion of Senator Robert Casey Jr. at the convention has shown little effect in luring Catholic voters back to the party that has become militantly pro-abortion- it’s doubtful a new slogan will do much better. Sure, you will see the chosen few of the far left flashing their support and the sockpuppetry will be rampant, but I doubt this will be a bumper sticker slogan many will proudly display. A less honest but smarter strategy for Obama to gain the religious vote may be similar to a don’t ask don’t tell policy where voters would not be reminded of the stark contradiction between the views of this candidate and those of their church.

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My Country Cling to MeNowhere is the hypocrisy of this message, especially for Catholics, more apparent than in this button that equates pro-family values with support for Obama. This is the same man who has a 100% NARAL approved voting record including the four times he voted in the Illinois Senate to deny medical care to babies that have survived an abortion. This is not a button you will see Gianna Jessen wearing.

If Obama is successful in reminding his followers of their beliefs, many just might begin to stray from the flock which has been the recent trend for the pro-abortion party. The sign may say “Believers for Barack”, but probably the only ones you will see displaying it will be believers OF Barack because for many it will become beliefs OR Barack.

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