Two Questions

What’s worse? A bun in the oven or cold cash in the freezer? How about a blond in the pond, a booker for your gay hooker, or even an obvious tether to a Weatherman? For the same group that failed to discern the problem of a mistress intern of a sitting President, liberals sure are making a huge fuss over the non-scandal of the pregnancy of an ordinary teenager. The Palin’s have dealt with an all too common problem in the best possible way, they have chose life.

They chose life. What’s worse?

Well what would Obama do? Long before Governor Palin was a blip on the radar Senator Obama mentioned that a pregnancy could be in the cards for his children; he’s a smart man, regardless of how well we teach our children they inevitably have to learn things the hard way. It is his solution to the event that should be the headline here though, and by his own admission that is abortion. This is not a sex education topic, this is not a scandal, and this should be a solid plank for the Republican Party not to be shied away from but instead embraced.

The Palin’s chose life. What would Obama do?

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