Media Spin: "Well, Acosta Touched the Intern, but he Didn't Put his Hands on her!"

As reported yesterday, Jim Acosta made a fool of himself in President Trump’s latest press briefing. In what was a contentious, largely ridiculous display, reporters took turns accusing the President of racism and generally maligning him as the devil.

Another day ending in Y, right?

Acosta decided to one-up the game though. After the President called on him, Acosta proceeded to start by “challenging” the President’s contention that the caravan was an invasion. Semantics aside, I thought he was there to ask questions? Apparently, Jim wanted a debate instead, which is part of the larger problem.

After asking his 3rd question, President Trump told him that’s enough and to move on. A young, female intern attempted to take the mic from him. Acosta pulled it back twice, finally sticking his arm out, contacting her arm, and blocking her from taking the mic.

Now, was this assault? No. His lack of following the rules and disorderly conduct are bigger issues than any physical aspects of this, in my opinion at least. Yet, he did touch the intern and he did physically block her from taking the mic, which is her job. It’s understood by every reporter in that room that if the intern comes to take the mic, you give it up. You don’t physically block her from doing so and continue to grandstand with your fourth question.

Given the shamelessness and disrespect with which Acosta carried himself in the incident, the media needed a way to spin this back on the administration. They couldn’t just say Acosta was out of line and that he should apologize.

Instead they latched onto this tweet by Sarah Sanders.

This led to the media immediately constructing a straw-man, which they proceeded to beat to death with a crowbar, claiming that the White House was lying about what happened (with many blue-check marks falsely insinuating that the White House had accused him of assault). Sanders re-affirmed her position in a comment this morning.

“The question is: did the reporter make contact or not? The video is clear, he did. We stand by our statement.”

This was the response across the media universe.


Now, maybe I’m simple minded, but making contact with someone by sticking your arm out and putting your hand on someone are the same thing in my world. Yet, our valiant media immediately retreats to the corners of their most obtuse instincts. You see, Sanders lied because she originally said he put “his hands” on the intern but he really just touched her in an attempt to physically restrain her!

It all makes sense now…

This entire ordeal has reached the point of stupidity. It also shows just how dishonest, just how combative, and just how untrustworthy our media betters are.

What Acosta did was wrong. Period. He tried to hi-jack a press briefing, was incredibly disrespectful to the intern, and once again was looking to make himself the story. In a more sane world, he’d be condemned and we could all move on. But in 2018, everything must be spun against Donald Trump, so instead we have the majority of media members defending this non-sense.

Unlike the current narrative being spun, taking the credentials away from a grandstanding moron like Acosta for his ridiculous actions is not an attack on the press. This should of been done a long time ago. He’s not a reporter and he has no respect for the process. He has no right to continually try to play the bully in the press conference while hiding behind claims of freedom of the press.

The White House should not back down here. Jim Acosta should never see a briefing room again. If other networks choose to boycott, so be it. That’ll probably be a good thing in the end. Now that the election is over, it’s time to play hardball.