The Media's "She's Native American" Blitz for Elizabeth Warren is Astonishingly Dishonest

As reported earlier, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) put out DNA results last night. She claims they prove she didn’t lie about being Native American when she claimed minority status at Harvard. Our media responded accordingly, which is to say they circled the wagons and immediately began pushing a dishonest, garbage narrative.

In reality, the details are pretty bad for her. The range by which she could have any Native American heritage is somewhere between 1/64th and 1/1024th. In other words, she’s actually got less Native American blood than the average white person.

Real life: If you are reading this right now, you are more likely to have Native American heritage than Elizabeth Warren.

To make matters worse, she wasn’t even actually tested against Native American DNA (much less Cherokee, which was her original claim).  Instead, she was tested against DNA from…Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.

Yes, you read that right. The reason for this is obvious. She clearly didn’t have any Cherokee DNA as she claimed, so the hired gun tester decided he’d use Latin American DNA as a stand in so he could prop up her claim. He found a tiny bit of Latin American DNA within her heritage and used that to say that she has Native American hertiage. How does he make this claim? Because some Native Americans, going back to crossing from Russia tens of thousands of years ago, kept going and ended up south of the modern United States.

Add all this up and what you see is that she has zero Native American heritage. She may have as little as 1/1024th Latin American heritage AND even if we give her every benefit of the doubt that such counts as Native American, she has less Native American heritage than the average white American.

Now, let’s look at the media framing of this.

“Strong evidence” is the buzz-phrase. Think the talking points went out? You bet they did.

The media’s response also ignores what the issue has been all along, which is that she allowed herself to be labeled a minority at Harvard. That is the claim that’s been “long mocked,” not that she may have less Native American heritage than the average white dude. She even submitted recipes to a Native American cookbook, again claiming to be Cherokee.

Why this blitz? Because the media wants to be able to claim this issue is settled. In 2020, any mention of this will elicit claims that she was telling the truth, that the media reported on it, and that it’s a closed case. They are already trying to frame this in the same vein as the birther non-sense. It’s all nakedly transparent.

Can someone tell me why we should laud the lying hacks of the “fourth estate” as anything other than harmful to our country? Calling yourself a journalist doesn’t make you valuable. It’s time more conservatives accept that instead of holding out hope for some return to normalcy in our press.