Washington Post Spins yet Another "Blame Trump" Narrative on Hurricane Florence

As Brandon Morse shared this morning, The Washington Post is working overtime to blame President Trump for Hurricane Florence. Apparently, if Trump had simply not touched Obama-era policies on global warming, there’d be no storm or something. I’ve stopped trying to make sense of the global warming lobby’s logic when it comes to natural disasters (keep in mind that the biggest storm to every hit the Carolinas happened in…1954).

Not to be outdone by the editorial side, The Washington Post’s news division got in on the act. This time they are cleverly setting up the narrative that any failures of response by FEMA are really the result of, you guessed it, Trump’s illegal immigration policies.

Apparently, $10 million was shifted in the DHS budget from FEMA to ICE, mostly to house illegals during the summer surge.

The Trump administration appears to have diverted nearly $10 million in funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency at the forefront of the president’s zero-tolerance immigration policy that led to the separation of hundreds of children, some as young as 18 months, from their parents.

If only they had just let all the illegals go, right? This nonsense was first put out on Rachel Maddow’s show by Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkly because we’ve gotta politicize everything.

I’ll spare you his bloviating, but suffice it to say that the Washington Post spends most of the piece repeating wild, partisan claims from Merkley as fact.

Merkley’s office provided the 39-page budget document independently to The Washington Post. It shows that DHS requested that about $9.8 million going toward FEMA efforts such as “Preparedness and Protection” and “Response and Recovery” be funneled instead into ICE coffers, specifically underwriting “Detention Beds” and the agency’s “Transportation and Removal Program.” The U.S. Secret Service was also a beneficiary of the reallocation.

There are several issues here.

First, had DHS not shifted their resources around to properly house all the illegal immigrants in question, the very same media deriding this increase in budget would of been accusing them of crimes against humanity. Everything is always setup to be a lose-lose situation when it comes to the administration and the media. Odd, isn’t it?

Secondly, DHS oversees many agencies. Their budget is fungible. It’s perfectly normal for them to shift funds around to meet varying priorities depending on what is happening at the time. They could not simply sit on their hands and not provide more resources for ICE when they were desperately in need.

Lastly, let’s provide some context for the $10 million in question that The Washington Post ignores. That amount of money makes up less than 1% of FEMA’s budget. There is absolutely no logic to the idea that such a tiny budget decrease is going to have any measurable effect on FEMA’s ability to respond to this storm.

This story was printed for one reason and one reason only. To build a narrative. Inevitably, because we are dealing with an uncontrollable natural disaster, something will go wrong over the next few weeks. When it does, instead of sharing the reality that government simply can’t provide for every contingency in life no matter how prepared they are, the media will be trumpeting this story.

Why? Because that’s what dishonest hacks do.