The New York Times Hires an Overt Racist

The New York Times, ever in search of diversity of views on it’s editorial board, hired another stellar contributor today.

Just kidding.

They hired another flaming liberal to add to the already homogeneous political views of said editorial board. There’s something more noteworthy about this hire though. It turns out the woman brought on, named Sarah Jeong, is a raving lunatic of a racist.

With all due respect to Guy, the word he’s looking for is racist. There’s no reason to hedge terms here.

Here’s some more of her handy work.

Now, imagine for a second she was saying these same things about Blacks or Hispanics? Would the New York Times have hired her? Of course not, nor should they. It also strains credibly to think that they did not know about these racist twitter rants before bringing her on.

We live in a weird time were overt, objectively racist language toward Whites is too often permitted. It makes no sense. Racism is wrong is all it’s forms. It doesn’t become less racist just because you have some warped view of “privilege” that lets you dehumanize those you disagree with.

In these tweets, we’ve got her fantasizing about white people being burned in the sun, she calls them dogs, and she says they should go extinct. She also seems to have weird, racist obsession with claiming that White people have never contributed to society. While I’m not going to try to “keep score” on that topic, it’s clearly a ridiculously a-historical view to assert such.

Someone with this much racist anger clearly has mental issues and should of never been considered for a job by the Times.

I actually think they may budge here and let this woman go because the racism at play here is just so in your face and obvious.

Regardless, this is the kind of person the New York Times thought would fit in with their editorial board? That says a lot more about the New York Times itself than they may realize.