Iranians Take to the Streets in Protest, Once Again Showing the Partisan Idiocy of our Media Complex

In case you missed it, and you almost certainly did, the Iranians are currently chanting “Death to Palestine” and “Death to Khamenei” in the streets as tens of thousands protest outside the Iranian Parliament.

I’m sure our strident media has a perfectly good excuse for ignoring this story, such as the fact that they are partisans wholely invested in the exact opposite happening.

After the past two months of “expert” think pieces about how leaving the Iran deal would strengthen the hardliners in the regime (you know, because it was full of moderates or something before that), the smartest among us are being shown wrong again. Apparently, the value of being a foreign policy “expert” in Washington D.C. is about on par with having a degree in gender studies.

Here are some tweets on the protests currently taking place.



Hilariously, it was just a day ago that we got this assertion from the Washington Post in an explainer piece on how stupid Trump is on Iran.

The Trump administration has made clear that it wants regime change in Iran, but its actions have made such an outcome far less likely, short of war. The U.S. decision to exit the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action not only undermines the domestic forces in Iran best positioned to produce actual, if incremental, change but also empowers local actors whose interests lie in provoking violent conflict with the United States and its regional allies.

Good call there bro.

Back in the real world, the pressure against the regime is only growing stronger as more and more Iranians are turning against them. The increased economic pressure supplied by the US leaving the JCPOA and reinstating sanctions has helped up that pressure as even further economic hurt appears to be on the way.

The writer goes on to insist that taking a hard line against Iran the way Trump has will simply push nationalism and lead to something worse.

Against this backdrop, the unintended consequences of U.S. pressure for regime change are illuminated. The more Iranians are faced with external threats to the nation, the more they are likely to rally around key marks of cultural identity. Getting rid of Islamic rule won’t change this dynamic; it is almost sure to guarantee that something worse will come along, sending Iranian politics in unexpected and more corrosive directions. After all, Americans need not look far for examples of how populist responses to foreign encroachments, real or imagined, can lead to unimaginable outcomes.

Yes, you read that right.

We are officially in the “well, the Mullahs may fall, but that won’t be a good thing!” portion of the goal post moving over this issue.

Here’s another op-ed dated May 30th, 2018 from the aforementioned Washington Post to further illustrate how clueless much of the media are. It’s titled “Why Trump’s Plan for Regime Change Will Have the Opposite Effect.”

Trump’s decision, however, has turned attention inside Iran back on the United States. The regime now has new evidence for its argument that the United States — pressured by Israel and Saudi Arabia — is seeking to impoverish the Iranian people. Patriotic Iranians, including those opposed to the autocratic regime, are now likely to rally around the flag, just as they have done during earlier periods of rising external threats.

The hard-liners in Iran, who agreed with Trump that the nuclear deal was the worst agreement in modern Iranian history, now trumpet that they were right all along about the deceptive Americans. The theocratic regime finds itself in the unusual position of enjoying good standing with the international community while the United States is isolated. This reversal in roles between the United States and the Islamic republic strengthens Iran’s autocrats.

So much for that brilliant analysis.

It seems the Iranian people aren’t the total, gullible idiots the Washington Post thought they were. Instead of being easily manipulated by the regime’s propaganda, it’s only growing the opposition.

A month ago Mike Pompeo gave his first speech as Secretary of State in which he admonished the Iranian people to think about where the blame for their despair actually lies.

“Here in the West, President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif are often held apart from the regime’s unwise terrorist and malign behavior,” Pompeo said. “Yet, Rouhani and Zarif are your elected leaders. Are they not the most responsible for your economic struggles? Are these two not responsible for wasting Iranian lives throughout the Middle East?”

It’s hard to separate that statement from the uprisings we are now beginning to see intensify. The chants at these protests mirror almost exactly what Pompeo’s message was back in May. The Iranian people are sick of the Mullahs burning cash and blood in Palestine, Syria, and elsewhere while they go hungry at night.

Perhaps this means that Mike Pompeo knows a little more than your average “foreign policy analyst” at the New York Times or op-ed writing academic at the Washington Post? Maybe former van driving Obama bros didn’t actually have it all figured out? Who could of foreseen that a background in writing bad fiction wouldn’t give someone the necessary experience to negotiate with Iran?

I’m not saying the regime is about to collapse tomorrow, but the idea that there was any path to moderation under the Iran deal has always been an outright lie. It’s the hardliners who were behind the deal despite the moderate face they put on it. It was a cash windfall which helped prop up the Mullahs in ways they only dreamed of prior to Obama walking into the room and handing them everything for nothing.

We’ll see where this goes, but internal reports continue to say that the regime is teetering closer and closer to the edge. Trump’s policies have certainly not strengthened the Mullahs, as predicted by our media complex, and in fact it has weakened them. You won’t see this reported by CNN and the like because it blows up several of their most cherished narratives.

Meanwhile, reality keeps making fools of those who claim to be our intellectual superiors. I’m admit that I’m enjoying it a little. I think there’s a German word for that.