This is CNN: Michael Avenatti has Appeared on the Network 59 Times Since March 7th

The lawyer for Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, has appeared on CNN 59 times in the last two months. That averages out to more than one appearance a day.

They should probably just go ahead and give him his own show.

MRC analysts combed through transcripts of all of CNN’s 2018 coverage looking for references to interviews with Avenatti, and then double-checked using our video archive. Since Avenatti’s first appearance on March 7, he has been interviewed on CNN a whopping 59 times, more than one-third of which (19) were with Anderson Cooper — who, of course, interviewed Stormy Daniels on CBS’s 60 Minutes back in March.

Anderson Cooper’s obsession with this story has been the most extreme. 19 appearances by one guest, on one show in just 60 days is unheard of in media circles. The US could enter in thermonuclear war with Russia tomorrow and Cooper wouldn’t manage to have the same guest on 19 times in less than two months.

Avenatti is most famous for producing nothing of interest in regards to Donald Trump’s (likely) one night stand eleven years ago with a porn star. Instead, he’s making a career at baiting the media at every turn with false hope that he’ll finally deliver the master stroke to them against the President.

The media, being who they are, naturally dance to whatever tune he’s singing.

There was this gem of a troll that sent CNN personalities gleefully prancing around the studio…

What was the major announcement? That he’d paid a forensic artist to probe Stormy Daniel’s seven year old memory for what turned out to be a sketch of Tom Brady.

He’s also hinted that he has video or pictures of Trump. To this point, he’s shown nothing to actually back that up and it’s doubtful he will.

While Michael Cohen may end up getting fined for an FEC violation due to this scenario, there appears to be nothing of value Mr. Avenatti has to offer. He’s clearly attempting to bolster his media profile and garner a more permanent presence on a network once this is all over.

In a way, what he’s doing is pretty smart. There is little doubt that Stormy Daniels is not actually paying him. It’s much more likely that a rich liberal donor is paying the bills. Avenatti has managed to get people to pay him to raise his media profile while he actually accomplishes nothing of substance.

Good work if you can find it.

By comparison, CNN’s former #1 squeeze, Rep. Adam Schiff, has only managed to make it on the network 10 times since March.