CNN's Camarota gives some Colorful Support for David Hogg on his College Rejections

If there was any question that CNN is completely biased and pushing an agenda with the Parkland students, let’s put it to rest.

In all seriousness, we all know there was no question, but still.

Alisyn Camerota, who falsely smeared Marco Rubio on gun control action and took two weeks to give a weak mea culpa, let the mask slip again this morning.

Hogg discussed why he doesn’t find Ingraham’s apology sincere after her personal attacks against him, and Camerota noted that the saga started when she mocked him for not getting accepted into several of the colleges he applied to.

“I am stunned that four colleges rejected you,” Camerota exclaimed. “What kind of dumbass colleges don’t want you?! You have taken the country by storm. How do you explain this? Did they reject you before the Parkland massacre?”

Hogg explained that the rejection letters came “two weeks ago,” after the Parkland massacre at his high school, though he wasn’t particularly concerned about it.

“It goes to show that regardless of whether you get into college, you can still change the world,” Hogg said. “The hardest part is just believing you can and continuing that effort to change the world because you eventually will.”

Change the world indeed. Exactly what has been changed except further dividing the country with slander and ridiculous rhetoric, no one is sure of, but I digress.

Objective, fact based anchor Camerota chooses to curse on national TV at the colleges who rejected him instead of taking the logical approach, which is to factor in that these colleges have extremely high standards and reject seemingly qualified applicants all the time.

That’s especially true for out of state candidates because the California state schools he applied to have to accept a quota of in state students. What you are seeking to major in also factors in, among dozens of other things. I believe Hogg wants to be a journalism student (shocker).

Furthermore, the assumption that Hogg is somehow more qualified than other candidates because he has parlayed his being on campus during a shooting into dozens of CNN appearance doesn’t pass muster anyway. It would actually be wrong of a school to pass up someone more qualified just because Hogg has become a public persona.

All that aside, would CNN treat those with differing opinions on gun rights with such glee and support? Of course they wouldn’t. CNN found it necessary to cancel an interview with another Parkland survivor because he shared what was technically a factual critique of CNN.

But accuse Marco Rubio of being a child killer and say gun owners have blood on their hands for something they had no part in and you still get cheer-leaded on CNN no matter what. That’s the game these days.

Hogg is now apparently thinking about skipping college for a while.

When Camerota asked whether college is still part of his future plans, Hogg said he might take time off from school to continue his efforts to speak on the issue of gun control and school safety.

“Lives really are not a partisan issue. I think that’s what a lot of this country is forgetting. We are simply just trying to save lives. Once we remember that, we can all work together on both sides of the aisle to solve this issue, but when we work against each other, we can’t.”

The lectures on partisanship from Mr. Hogg fall very short given his behavior. You can’t call for bi-partisanship while completely ignoring (and making excuses for) the failures of the FBI and local law enforcement, attacking people who had nothing to do with the shooting as murderers, only going after Republican politicians, and accusing those who disagree with of wanting kids to die.

Unfortunately for his well being and emotional health, I don’t think Mr. Hogg is going away because the media won’t let him go away. It’s probably inevitable that he ends up on CNN long term.