Fight Against Fake News Continues: Facebook Moves to Censor the Babylon Bee

Several months ago we learned about Facebook teaming up with Snopes (a supposed fact-checking website) to monitor postings for “correction.” This was done because our democracy was crumbling around us without such a service or something.

With the grave threat of “fake news” hanging over our heads like a two ton anvil, it has be fought back against with ridiculous fact checks and censorship. That’s the new American way.

Enter the Babylon Bee.

As a Christian, I think it’s perfectly ok to be able to laugh at ourselves and the Babylon Bee specializes in satirical Christian articles that poke fun at some of our funnier aspects. They gain most of their exposure via shares on Facebook of their work.

Thankfully though, we are now being protected from the vile art form that is satire by our internet overlords.

The Babylon Bee recently posted a joke article proclaiming that CNN had bought a washing machine in order to physically spin their news before reporting.

This set off the alarm bells at Facebook and Snopes was quickly on the job to bring clarity to this obviously confusing issue. Was CNN actually spinning their news in a washing machine? That’s a question that needed to be answered. The fate of the country was in the balance.

This is real life folks. Embrace it I guess.

Facebook didn’t stop there either. It’d be one thing to just put out a fact-check on something that obviously doesn’t need to be fact-checked. No, they also warned the Babylon Bee that further articles of this nature would result in their distribution reduced and the demonetization of their account.

Yes, Facebook is threatening a harmless, purely satirical account with banishment for supposedly spreading “fake news” by posting satirical stories. You can tell this is super-serious because their info was disputed by an all knowing independent fact-checker.

This is where we are headed folks. This kind of junk never stops with just the people you don’t like (i.e. Infowars being censored by YouTube). It eventually swallows everyone. Comedy and conservatives are the first names on the target list.

It’s time to stop feeding into this “fake news” hysteria. I don’t mean the stupid way Trump uses it about CNN (although let’s stop that as well) but the people who think “fake news” is some serious threat to our Republic that must be fought via fact-checking and culling of accounts.

The United States is a free country. We have freedom of speech. We even have the freedom to say things that others may not agree with. People are empowered to make up their own minds on a source and the issues it deals with.

If someone falls for a piece of satire, that’s the sweet aroma of freedom you are smelling as a result.