Howard Dean Reminds us of his Insanity (Video)


Howard Dean is no stranger to saying ridiculous things. The man who will live in infamy as the guy who screeched himself out of a Presidential nomination knows his way around hyperbole.

This may take the cake though.

In an interview on MSNBC (shocker), Dean was asked about Obama’s lax handling of Russia…

“Do you agree, Howard, with the House Intel Committee ranking member, Adam Schiff, that the Obama administration should have done more about Russia’s meddling?” Witt asked.

Dean struggled to answer the question without faulting the former president.

“Uhh — well — in retrospect, of course,” Dean began hesitantly. “He wanted to be bipartisan. [??] I told him a very long time ago before he ever started his term that he was wasting bipartisanship on the Republicans. They don’t give a damn about the country — they only care about their own power.”

The stupidity of this statement doesn’t need much lead in.

Blaming Obama’s obfuscation toward Russia on him wanting to be “bipartisan” makes no sense at all. What’s bipartisan about Russian interference? And what’s bipartisanship have to do with Obama letting Putin run roughshod all over him for the better part of eight years?

Dean then continued with this hottest of all hot takes…

“Didn’t he also say he didn’t want to look like he was meddling?” Witt pressed, referring to Obama.

“Sure,” Dean answered. “But that’s the choice he made. It’s easy in retrospect to criticize somebody and say he made the wrong choice. Look, I had plenty of disagreements with Obama but Obama always put the country first,” Dean continued, incredibly. “That is something that McConnell does not do and certainly people like Devin Nunes who I suspect belongs in jail has not done.”

There it is. Peak Howard Dean.

Devin Nunes now belongs in jail for performing perfectly legal, constitutionally mandated oversight of executive agencies. Makes perfect sense or something.

Regardless of whether you approve of Nunes’ pursuits of oversight, saying the guys belongs in jail is just pure idiocy. It’s also the kind of rhetoric that passes for intelligent thought on MSNBC and CNN these days. The more hysterical, the better.

The best part is probably the interviewer’s response…

“Okay!” Witt replied. “We’ll pick up on that conversation at another time.”

Howard Dean just told this lady that a Congressional member should be put in jail for purely political reasons and the best response Witt can muster is “Okay!”

Sounds about right. It is MSNBC after all.