Jeff Flake: We've Got a DACA Deal (and it's Terrible)

Warning: You might want to remove sharp objects from your vicinity before you read on.

Sen. Jeff Flake claims there’s a DACA deal (video at the link) and these are the supposed details:

I knew it would be bad, but this is past bad. It’s failure theater Broadway edition. It’s a dumpster fire so hot that the dumpster has melted.

This “deal” reads like Democratic policy porn. Not even in their wildest fantasies could they of expected to roll Republicans this hard.

Not only is there full citizenship for all DACA recipients, but it also allows anyone who would of been eligible but isn’t currently signed up to also gain citizenship. That means a never ending stream can continue to claim status.

Chain migration, supposedly the big issue Republicans were going to win on in a deal, isn’t eliminated at all. Unbelievably (or completely believably), it’s actually promoted and codified in the deal via temporary protective status for all family members of DACA recipients. Think about that. Not only are we getting DACA codified into law, but Republicans are even caving on DAPA, the formerly struck down executive order by Barack Obama.

Another hot topic, the visa lottery, isn’t eliminated and also remains.

What do Republicans get for all that capitulating? A minuscule $2.8b (in context) for border security.

Of that $2.8b, there’s only $1.6b set aside for the wall and that money also has to pay for more agents, retention, and training. When you boil it down, there’s probably enough money for only 1/20th of the wall and you can forget about that big beautiful door.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the wall itself, this amount of money is a drop in the bucket toward any type of other border security. Republicans are giving away every ounce of leverage they had for almost nothing in return.

I wrote yesterday that Trump and the Republicans were about to fold hard on this.

When you’ve got Lindsey Graham on one side and Dick Durbin on the other negotiating, it means one thing. Amnesty is coming, and don’t kid yourself that Democrats will end chain migration as a compromise. It’s not going to happen.

What is about to happen is Republicans and Trump getting rolled on the issue. They’ll throw in a little cash toward the ever nebulous “border security” and that’ll be it.

Despite my prediction, this is probably even worse than I imagined.

There’s a chance things may change but don’t hold your breath for Lindsey Graham to save border hawks from this pile of crap.

Ironically, the much maligned Stephen Miller may be the last hope to stop this. It will depend on just how much of Trump’s ear he still has on the issue. If Republicans go with this deal and Trump signs it, they deserve everything they get in 2018. Aside from being dumb policy, this is political suicide. It’s the stupid party personified.

But just to prove this day can get even more insane, I leave you with this scorching hot take: