John Brennan Makes a Fool of Himself (Again)

CIA Director John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, June 16, 2016, before the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on the Islamic State. Brennan said that the Islamic State remains "formidable" and "resilient," is training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks on the West and will rely more on guerrilla-style tactics to compensate for its territorial losses in the Middle East. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

As protests roil within Iran toward their repressive government, an interesting trend has started the past few days.

That would be former Obama administration officials, who spent years propping up the Mullahs as they crushed the freedoms of their people, pretending they hold one ounce of moral authority on this issue.

We’ve gotten lectured by Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and John Kerry on the finer points of “shutting up” and not getting involved in an “Iranian moment,” which is simply code for “we screwed up but we want you to ignore what’s going on and not point out how bad we screwed up.”

Now one of the more detestable, dishonest members of the former administration is getting in on the act.

None other than CIA director John Brennan, best known for lying to Congress and being a corrupt partisan for Barack Obama.

Well, this is interesting.

Apparently, Iran was a few days away from moderating, handing it’s people their basic freedoms, and turning from their oppressive, terrorist fluffing ways. Who knew?

But seriously, this is asinine and nothing but Brennan dishonestly attempting to cover for his (and Obama’s) abject failures.

The Obama administration did not bolster reformists. It handed a huge lump sum of cash to the Mullahs, shamefully abandoned the real moderate movement in 2009, and bowed before an extremist Islamic Republic that had murdered hundreds of American soldiers. Why? Because Obama needed an “achievement.” With basically nothing to show for his administration except a failing healthcare law, the Iran deal was his participation trophy.

Brennan of course ignores that the very reason there are protests going on right now is because the Iranian regime, flush with that sweet, sweet Obama cash, further oppressed it’s own people and blew their economic wad on terrorist adventures throughout the Middle East.

Prior to the Iran deal, the Mullahs were in a weakened place. Obama rescued them. The deal was not paving the way for peaceful political reform by magical “reformists.” It was making it harder for any moderate movement to succeed. For someone to assert what Brennan asserts in his tweet makes them either insanely stupid or a liar. You can decide which Mr. Brennan is.

What we are seeing unfold this week is yet another example of just how big of a failure the Obama administration was when it came to foreign policy. Can anyone even think of a success at this point? Libya? On fire. Syria? Half a million dead. Iraq? Turned it into an Iranian puppet. Afghanistan? On the verge of collapse. The list goes on and on.

It’s time to stop quoting and listening to these people, even when they reinforce a pre-held bias about the current administrtion.

They have no credibility. They have no idea what the heck they are talking about. They are largely responsible for the dumpster fire that the current administration is trying to clean up.

Self-awareness may know no bounds within former Obama officials, but we can at least be aware of how ridiculous they, in fact, are.

I realize some like to quote John Brennan as an authority when he bashes Trump, but I’d seriously ask them to consider the source. Maybe go grab a quote from Jimmy Kimmel or Eminem. It’ll hold more weight.

I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom.

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