The Hot Takes to General Kelly Keep Rolling in

The Hot Takes to General Kelly Keep Rolling in

Yesterday, General Kelly gave a moving press statement to clarify several matters related to condolence-gate. In that statement, he explained why he recommended the language Trump used in the call, that it was a common show of respect, and he shared his own story in order to press upon the media that such calls should be sacred and kept private.

He also pointed out the disgusting nature of Frederica Wilson running to the media less than ten minutes after the call to politicize the issue.

This has of course led to leftist media sources losing their collective minds and choosing to attack a Gold Star Father (that’s apparently ok now).

MSNBC host and perpetually wrong commentator, Joy Reid, gets us started.

So apparently, Kelly is now a racist bigot because he’s Irish and the Irish definitely don’t honor women (that’s not a racist statement or anything).

Then the real hand wringing began.



Journalists, who are just like firefighters in the words of NBC’s Katy Tur, are totally the same as risking your life to defend this country in the military.

Honoring that sacrifice as a higher level than regular citizens is also apparently a sign of being a military dictator now. This guy’s skin is so thin it’d make Donald Trump blush.

This Salon.com alum got in on the act as well.

Seething! Seething I tell you! Here’s Hillary pajama boy and current CNN “analyst” (because of course he is) attacking Kelly’s distinguished service as meaningless.

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, who’s most famous for going bat-crap crazy on the set of his show in a leaked video, also laid into Kelly on his show.

While only six people are confirmed to of watched his show, I felt it was worth mentioning anyway. The immediate pivot to racism where there logically is none is typical of liberal commentary, so it’s not that surprising it happened here.

There’s dozens more like these from all sorts of media personalities but I’ll leave it here.

Of course, we also got a response from Rep. Wilson herself.

Well, that’s a nice Congresswoman. Because if there’s someone who “needs” a job and will lie about anything to keep it, it’s a distinguished war hero who’s lost a son in combat and has zero financial or emotional need to still be working for the government.

Yesterday, Rep. Wilson had decided she would not speak on the issue anymore though because she’s concerned about “the family.” That lasted about five minutes as she blasted Kelly as a racist this morning on CNN’s New Day.

You can always count on liberals to overplay their hand. Consider it overplayed.

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