Confirmed: Comey Decided to Let Hillary Off Months Before Interviewing Her

Confirmed: Comey Decided to Let Hillary Off Months Before Interviewing Her

We already knew this to some extent but now it’s confirmed.

It was reported several months ago that Republican Senators believed the FBI possessed documents proving that James Comey, the ever virtuous former FBI director, had in fact decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton months before the FBI completed it’s investigation.

Via Townhall.com

“According to the unredacted portions of the transcripts, it appears that in April or early May of 2016, Mr. Comey had already decided he would issue a statement exonerating Secretary Clinton. That was long before FBI agents finished their work.  Mr. Comey even circulated an early draft statement to select members of senior FBI leadership.  The outcome of an investigation should not be prejudged while FBI agents are still hard at work trying to gather the facts,” Grassley and Committee member Lindsey Graham wrote in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray last month.

The FBI finally released the document in question today.

James Comey gave his famous presser, where he illogically explained exactly how Hillary had broken the law but then said no reasonable prosecutor would charge her, on July 5th, 2016. The document released today shows us that the draft for that presser had been prepared and sent on May 5th, 2016 to all the major FBI leaders, including Andrew McCabe. That means two full months before Comey’s “decision,” he had already sent out the statement he would give.

This is a big deal because it blows up the narrative that James Comey was just a victim caught between a rock and hard place. It now appears he was directly behind the push to let her off the hook long before the investigation was completed.

While we can’t read the actual document because it’s redacted, Senator’s Grassley and Graham have seen it and have confirmed the contents. The confirmation of the timing is the revelation here.

To those who would say that maybe he was just preparing multiple drafts for different outcomes, that’s ludicrous. First, where are the other mythical drafts for other outcomes then? They don’t exist.

Secondly, it makes no sense to write multiple drafts for completely different outcomes and then sends them to all the FBI’s highest leadership before an investigation is even close to completion. At this point, the investigation still needed to interview a dozen witnesses, including Hillary herself. There was nothing to write a draft on unless it was predetermined at that point. When he sent this, it had to of been a document nearing completion that was then circulated among the leadership for comment. There’s no other logical explanation for why it was created and sent to the people he sent it to.

When added on top of previous revelations that Comey was basically taking his cues from then AG Loretta Lynch, that he allowed evidence to be destroyed for no logical reason, gave immunity to people who had no leverage to begin with, and that he handled the Hillary interview in an unprecedented fashion, this whole thing smells. There needs to be a real investigation of this matter into why the previous administration and FBI at least appear to of rigged the game in favor of Hillary Clinton.


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