Erick Erickson: Susan Rice May of Been Caught Lying Again

April 4th, 2017: Susan Rice is interviewed by Andrea Mitchell where she later lied about being aware of the unmasking of Trump associates.

If her lips are moving and all that.

Susan Rice has become famous for basically lying about anything and everything in relation to the Obama administration and it’s failures. She lied about Benghazi. She lied about Bergdahl. She lied about unmasking. She lied about what she ate for dinner last night.

Now, according to Erick Erickson (via his source), she also recently lied to the Washington Post about Obama tipping off Facebook about Russia:

The original story said Obama confronted Zuckerberg about Russia but as Fox News and Axios noted yesterday, that story was – ironically – fake news itself and they had to correct it to note that Obama did not bring up Russia after-all, just fake news generally.

Now it doesn’t take very much for the Washington Post to praise Obama on the front page for no good reason but the story did make me wonder what had been the impetus 10 months after the fact.

Well a source tells me that when the conversation took place the person who accompanied Obama in this meeting was none other than Susan Rice.

So Susan Rice, once again, was trying to mask her own failures by pointing the blame somewhere else. Sound familiar?

The background on this is that the Washington Post, always up for giving Barack Obama a nice fluff job, ran with a story that proclaimed the former President as a modern day Paul Revere, valiantly warning of Russia using Facebook to influence the election. Only because of the juvenile ignorance of Mark Zuckerberg was Obama ignored and the election thrown for Trump.

The only issue? It wasn’t true. It was later confirmed that Obama never mentioned Russia at all. The question then became who exactly leaked the false story to the Washington Post? It turns out that only Susan Rice was in the room with Obama at the time, leaving her the most probable source.

Erickson lays out the reasoning better than I can in his article:

The Obama Administration alums and Clinton campaign are obsessed with Russia and how they claim they stole the election and need to concoct theories for why Donald Trump is President besides the fact that they were rejected. The latest one is that it must’ve been $100,000 in Facebook ads that did it (a tiny fraction of the billion dollar Democrat ad machine). So Susan Rice and the Obama team point the finger at Zuckerberg to their friends in the Washington Post rather than come to terms with what really happened.

When it came to Russia, Obama, Clinton, and Rice were asleep at the switch for 8 years. From the reset button, to promising to be “more flexible” to doing nothing in 2016 when their intelligence indicated Russians were trying to impact our elections.

This is personal for Obama and his former minions. The continued grasping at straws is an attempt to mislead on their epic failures in dealing with Russia from the beginning of their administration. Instead of just admitting they made mistakes, they continue to make excuses.

This incident serves as a reminder on several fronts.

One, the media will swallow any garbage as long as it fits their biases and can’t be trusted to produce truth. Two, the Obama administration were cowards when it came to foreign policy and standing up to aggression. Finally, Susan Rice continues to be a lying liar who lies.


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