Reaction to Miami PD Arresting Looters is Exactly What You'd Expect

A man is caught looting shoes from a Foot Locker in Miami, FL in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.
***A man is caught looting shoes from a Foot Locker in Miami, FL in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.***

As someone who lived through the chaos of Katrina and a direct hit from Rita, among several lesser storms over the years, I’ve got a fair bit of experience with Hurricanes and their societal aftermath. While 99% of society seems to hold it together in trying times, there’s always a group that seeks to take advantage. Maybe it’s a lack of a hope, a general lack of care for others, or just flat out disrespect for the law, but looting usually becomes a problem after an evacuation.

We’ve already seen multiple videos of people looting gun shops, loan offices, shoe stores, and big box stores. While there is maybe a tinge of justification for taking perishable food items, there’s no excuse for trying to score a new pair of Jordans or a 9mm. Oddly enough, I’ve yet to see a photo from Florida of a guy stealing eggs.

That brings us to this tweet I originally saw on Twitchy:

When evacuating for a Hurricane, the last thing a family or business owner needs to worry about are thugs coming to ransack their stuff. It provides an unnecessary incentive for people to risk their lives and not evacuate. Knowing the police that stay behind will indeed enforce the law is a comforting action to millions displaced by a storm. The rule of law and punishing criminals, even in times of trouble, should be something we all rally around, right?

Nah. It’s 2017.

Instead, the Miami PD’s feed is inundated with social justice warriors decrying their actions, calling them racist, and accusing them of letting people die in order to arrest looters. Oh yeah, and every looter was actually just a good kid who fell on hard times out there looking for bread. Because of course they are.

A few examples:



The women above was responding to someone saying to show the looter’s faces. As you can imagine, her twitter page is quite the adventure into the liberal mind.

You get the idea. I didn’t have to scroll through several hundred comments to find those either. It appears that about 40% of the replies are negative.

I’d say these responses are surprising, but I’d be lying. Notice the faulty logic being used. Police arrest a looter? Well, they must not be saving lives. Most of the looters happen to be minorities? Well, they must be racist. Have video of looters robbing a Cash Advance and stealing shoes? They were just trying to get bread.

The national discourse has devolved to the point where common sense, the benefit of the doubt, and honest discussion are not only rare, but berated.

The real question is how does this ever get fixed? Even just ten years ago, there were basic, common sense things Americans could agree on. That’s where all those fun clips of Democrats opposing illegal immigration come from.

Today though? I could say water is wet and someone would vehemently disagree and call me a racist in the process. Law enforcement go into harm’s way every day, and despite millions of encounters, they do their jobs properly 99.9% of the time. Yet, a very sizable percentage of the country despises them and actively seeks to undermine them, regardless of the issues at play.

When everything must bow at the alter of social justice, no matter the facts, we leave all rationality behind and that’s a scary place to be as a society.

Recently, Portland, OR decided to do away with it’s gang database, which helps focus resources in high risk areas and target dangerous offenders. Why? Because the list was mostly made up of minorities and they felt it was racist. Ben Shapiro, who will be speaking at Berkley this week, is going to face an onslaught of violence from people who accuse him of being a “facist,” despite the fact that he’s an anti-Trump conservative.

Nothing has to make sense anymore. As long as the proper narrative is pushed, that’s all that matters.

Buckle up, because it’s only going to get worse.



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