Conservative Author Jeff Flake Decries End of DACA


As has been reported, President Trump is about to end the (illegal) DACA program. The Congress will have a six month window to act by actually doing their jobs.

A few days ago we were treated to Speaker Paul Ryan opining that while DACA is illegal, it should be continued anyway. Rule of law apparently isn’t a thing to mainstream Republicans anymore as long as it’s the opposite of what Trump wants.

Yesterday, we got another comment. Author and part time Senator Jeff Flake showed off his “conservative” cred…by denouncing the ending of DACA.

During today’s broadcast of CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. Jeff Flake(R-AZ) noted that ending DACA was something the president had promised he’d do on the campaign trail and said this is one of those promises he wished he wouldn’t uphold.

“They should not be promised for the sins of their parents,” Flake told guest host Dana Bash about DACA recipients. “That’s just the basic principle we should follow here.”

Trump shouldn’t keep his promise to end a clearly illegal program? Huh?

This is insane. Republicans in Congress have sued over DACA. They’ve rightly opposed it for years, but once again when it’s time to not be a coward, they flip flop and fold like a cheap suit.

I’m just about done with flakes like Jeff Flake (pun intended) lecturing conservatives as an authority while commandeering the movement to sell books and get back slaps on liberal networks.

Tell me again why I should care whether this guy is defeated by Ward or whoever else challenges him? I know Flake has become a bit of a favorite among never-trumpers because he bashes Trump. But seriously, find another source. Jeff Flake is everything that is wrong with the Republican Congress.