Susan Rice Advises Trump on North Korea

And it’s exactly what you’d expect.

There’s probably no former cabinet official that encapsulates the stupidity, dishonesty, and failure of Obama administration than Susan Rice . Whether it was her lying about Benghazi, lying about Bo Bergdahl’s desertion, helping give Iran nuclear weapons, pushing for disaster in Syria, or abusing the unmasking rules in the final months of her tenure, she’s consistently shown herself to be awful at most everything.

Given her track record, you’d think she might slip into the abyss and live a quiet life? Nah. This is 2017 and that means nothing is off limits. Where as the Bush administration respected the boundaries in regards to stepping on a new Presidency, the Obama administration has basically appointed themselves the smartest people in the room for life and they want to constantly tell you about it.

Susan Rice, one of the worst offenders, decided to chime in on the North Korea situation today. A little background here is warranted. It was under the Obama administration that North Korea reactivated their nuclear program. It was under their watch that they developed short range delivery methods and ICBMs. It was under their watch that they miniaturized nuclear weapons (you didn’t hear about it back in 2016 because the media didn’t care enough to tell you for obvious reasons).

To have Rice attempt to lecture anyone on North Korea is about like having Samantha Powers lecture someone on the current situation in Syria (wait, that actually happened).

Writing for the New York Times (because of course), she starts off with the typical “we are the adults in the room” schtick every know nothing Obama official tries to project.

North Korea’s substantial nuclear arsenal and improving intercontinental ballistic missile capacity pose a growing threat to America’s security. But we need not face an immediate crisis if we play our hand carefully.

Given the bluster emanating from Pyongyang and Bedminster, N.J., Americans can be forgiven for feeling anxious.

You had your chance to play your hand carefully. Instead you sat by and put no pressure on China, didn’t push for effective sanctions at the UN, and watched North Korea gain the capability to launch a nuclear ICBM.

Shortly after adoption of new United Nations sanctions last weekend, North Korea threatened retaliation against the United States “thousands of times” over. Those sanctions were especially potent, closing loopholes and cutting off important funding for the North. August is also when the United States and South Korea conduct major joint military exercises, which always set Pyongyang on edge. In August 2015, tensions escalated into cross-border artillery exchanges after two South Korean soldiers were wounded by land mines laid by North Korea. This juxtaposition of tough sanctions and military exercises has predictably heightened North Korea’s threats.

It’s our fault, don’t you see?

We have long lived with successive Kims’ belligerent and colorful rhetoric — as ambassador to the United Nations in the Obama administration, I came to expect it whenever we passed resolutions. What is unprecedented and especially dangerous this time is the reaction of President Trump. Unscripted, the president said on Tuesday that if North Korea makes new threats to the United States, “they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” These words risk tipping the Korean Peninsula into war, if the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, believes them and acts precipitously.

Either Mr. Trump is issuing an empty threat of nuclear war, which will further erode American credibility and deterrence, or he actually intends war next time Mr. Kim behaves provocatively. The first scenario is folly, but a United States decision to start a pre-emptive war on the Korean Peninsula, in the absence of an imminent threat, would be lunacy.

This is idiocy at it’s highest level. Kim Jong-Un was not waiting around for President Trump to make a statement in order to develop nuclear weapons nor become aggressive in his rhetoric. His goal is not even to attack the United States. His goal is to gain leverage on the world stage to cement his power. Before Trump had said a word, he had already threatened to destroy the US multiple time.

It’s also incredibly rich for her to cite losing credibility here when it was Barack Obama who made the famous “redline” in Syria and refused to enforce it.

We carefully studied this contingency. “Preventive war” would result in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of casualties. Metropolitan Seoul’s 26 million people are only 35 miles from the border, within easy range of the North’s missiles and artillery. About 23,000 United States troops, plus their families, live between Seoul and the Demilitarized Zone; in total, at least 200,000 Americans reside in South Korea.

As streiff pointed out this morning, this is non-factual garbage designed to set up a false dichotomy, something the Obama administration specialized in. It only takes a passing interest in military hardware, capabilities, and North Korea to know that it’s actually very unlikely that they could do much damage to Seoul. This of course assumes any US military first strike would be done properly, but that’s a given.

Furthermore, Seoul and the US military facilities within range are all prepared for this with vast underground facilities. Would their be casualties? Most certainly, but asserting that millions would die is simply sensationalism at it’s worst.

But war is not necessary to achieve prevention, despite what some in the Trump administration seem to have concluded. History shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea — the same way we tolerated the far greater threat of thousands of Soviet nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

It will require being pragmatic.

Just gotta be pragmatic like Obama or something. Then it’ll all work out.

You can continue reading from there. She takes some more shots at Trump, takes a shot at McMaster, and then lays out a four point plan for dealing with North Korea.

I can sum it up for you in one sentence. We should tolerate North Korea having nuclear weapons capable of attacking America.

This is so unbelievably predictable coming from an Obama official. The problem with their strategy is that kicking the can down the road eventually leads to running out of road. While it may of worked over an eight year period to keep Rice and her cohorts from making tough decisions, it’s left the world on fire and in disarray with more flash points than I care to count. That’s their legacy.

Rational, steady American leadership can avoid a crisis and counter a growing North Korean threat. It’s past time that the United States started exercising its power responsibly.

It was past time long before Trump was elected, starting in 2009 when North Korea restarted their nuclear program. The policies of the Obama administration failed miserably in attempting to reign in their progress. Since Mrs. Rice wants to talk about credibility so much, she has none.