Breaking: Jim Acosta Yells at Helicopter

Today, President Trump left for vacation as the press stood by filming the departure. In what is a fairly normal procedure, Marine One positioned itself on the South Lawn to give transport to Joint Base Andrews across town. There are also at least two decoy helicopters which are in the immediate vicinity waiting to join up on departure.

Enter CNN’s Jim Acosta, folk-hero of the resistance and liberal children everywhere who decides to give us today’s shining moment in journalism.

Acosta yells “Why won’t you talk to the press!” at the end as he desperately tries to fluff his resume for a new CNN commentary show. Was Trump ignoring him though? Would you blame him?

Nah. Press play on the video and you’ll hear something. That sound drowning everything out is the APU (auxiliary power unit) on the Marine One SH-3 helicopter. When the engines are off, the APU is cranked to produce power on the ground for the systems, air conditioners, etc. as well as providing air flow to eventually start the turbines. As a pilot, I can attest to how deafening the sound is when you are close. It’s already extremely loud 50 yards away where the press pool is. Now imagine you are Trump, within 20 yards of this. Does anyone think a 70 year old Trump understood a word Acosta said?

Acosta isn’t stupid. He knows this. Yet, he runs to twitter to give the journalistic equivalent of a duck-lips selfie, asserting that Trump was “ignoring” his questions and once again trying to make himself the story. Such intellectual dishonesty does nothing to help Acosta’s credibility. Eventually, CNN has to realize that you can’t have a White House correspondent who’s this emotionally involved. It’s bad for everyone. Maybe Acosta even has a perfectly good reason for how he feels? Maybe his personal beliefs really are this at odds with the administration? That’s fine. Go be a commentator. Go write editorials. Go write a blog.

What he shouldn’t do is continue this game where he pretends to be an “unbiased” reporter while clearly being way past a healthy level of personal investment. It’s all getting just a little weird at this point.




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