McCain Responds to RAISE Act...This is why the GOP Congress is Hated

Recently, Senators Cotton and Perdue along with the White House revealed a very common sense immigration bill that echoes many long standing conservative concerns. Unlike the disaster that is healthcare reform, the bill is well written and takes the necessary steps to properly regulate the flow of unskilled labor and chain migration. For all the gnashing of teeth, it’s essentially a copy of the Canadian immigration system, which values merit and skills in the selection process for entry.

Despite being overshadowed by Jim Acosta’s grandstanding and race baiting in a press briefing, Congress should move on this bill immediately.

Will they? Of course not. It has no actual chance of passage and while it’s easy to just blame Democrats, the real reason is Republican opposition.

Lindsey Graham did what Lindsey Graham always does. He slammed any attempt to reign in our out of control immigration system. Ron Johnson joined him in a typical mush-mouth explanation of how he supports merit based immigration but wants to make sure we have enough quasi-slave labor to be mistreated on American farms.

Then everyone’s favorite Maverick, John McCain, got in on the act. After he dismissed the RAISE Act, he signaled he was ready to move on immigration. It’s just not in a direction most Republicans would approve of.

“Immigration reform is one of the issues I’d like to see resolved,” McCain told The Arizona Republic in a Thursday interview. “I’ve got to talk to him (Schumer) about when would be the best time. I think there are all kinds of deals to be made out there. I really do.”…

Yes, let’s not work with great men like Tom Cotton. Let’s run to Chuck Schumer and try to revive a ‘Gang of Eight’ style disaster. He also calls the idea of a border wall crazy.

“I’m not against a border wall, OK, but go to China and you’ll see a border wall there,” McCain said. “We need technology, we need drones, we need surveillance capabilities and we need rapid-reaction capabilities. … But to think that a wall is going to stop illegal immigration or drugs is crazy.”

I actually agree that a wall isn’t an all encompassing solution. We do need technology. Yet, if it’s so “crazy,” then why in the world did you vote for a border wall during the Bush administration? Were walls more effective back then?
He goes on to talk about lettuce and some other non-sense that ignores the realities of the Cotton-Perdue bill. Most of the reductions would come in cracking down on abuse of green cards, not stopping farm workers who may actually be needed. Red herrings abound as always though.
This is why people hate the Republican Congress. This exactly.


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