In Wake of Acosta's Embarrassment, CNN Turns to Summer Camp Stories

Yesterday, Jim Acosta made a fool of himself attempting to pin Stephen Miller down on being “un-American” over immigration levels. This led to asserting a poem as US policy, misrepresenting illegal immigration and green card holders, and enough political preaching to make O’Reilly blush. Journalism has certainly taken an odd turn in the Trump era and Jim Acosta is a prime example of everything that’s wrong with the press.

How do you know you’ve lost an argument?

It wasn’t long, however, before some of us began to question our decision to elect someone merely for the shock value. At a county meeting later that week, Miller was involved in an incident that quickly spread around campus. He stood to his feet and, in a rage, yelled and flipped over a table, which crashed in front of him. The room fell silent. No one knew what to think.

A 15 year old Stephen Miller apparently flipped over a table at summer camp. What does this have to do with yesterday’s briefing? Nothing really. If you watched it, Miller was actually fairly calm in his retorts.

It gets better though.

In parts of a speech for the high school student government election, sections of which were unearthed by Univision News Miller ran on the platform of leaving garbage on the ground for the janitorial staff to clean up.

I’m the only candidate up here who stands out. I would say and I would do things that no one else in their right mind would say or do,” Miller said in the speech, according to Univision. “Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up our trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?

Yes, CNN reports that Univision dug up an old high school speech in which Miller gave a typical “rage against authority” rallying cry to get elected to student government. In the bowels of CNN and Univision this passes as relevant news.

So how do you know you’ve lost an argument? When instead of factually rebutting anything Miller said, you run out and grab high-school era quotes in an attempt to smear the person you can’t factually rebut. I realize CNN still has some good people. Jake Tapper may puff his chest out a bit too much at times, but I find him to largely be fair minded despite that. CNN overall is reaching parody level though.

If you are going to have a White House correspondent they should be there to ask questions and gather information. Not preach and talk over the person trying to answer. Not virtue signal and preen in their own twisted sense of morality. Acosta’s episode actually makes Spicer’s decision to shut off the cameras in past briefings seem reasonable. When a reporter is simply there to grandstand, they are no longer a reporter.