Winning this election

The only way McCain and republicans can win this election is by making people realize that this economic crisis happened because of Barney Frank and other democrats. The CRA act needs to be repealed. McCain should fight for the repeal of the act that forces businesses to make risky loans and then force the GSEs like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy these loans.

The taxpayer is on the hook because of the socialist nature of the program. The government intervention in the free market economy caused this absurd real estate bubble to occur in the first place. The greed of Wall Street executives and the rank opportunism of the democratic politicians caused this crisis.

McCain can win this election only if he shows that the democratic policies and the Community Re-investment Act are the enablers for this crisis. McCain and the republicans should show that the democrats were against regulating the GSEs, their patrons.

The main stream news media would fight this effort tooth and nail. We should delegitimize the main stream news organizations like the NYT, WashingtonPost and LA Times as Obama advocacy organizations.

We can win this if we can make Barney Frank, Carter, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton and the congressional black caucus responsible for this whole fiasco. It is do-able. Question is “Will McCain and his campaign do this”?

Let us fight for our country and not let this socialist win this election and damage this great nation.

Lot of socialist countries have nationalized health care. That should be pointed out. We should name those nations to show the kind of health care those countries provide.

Let us fight for our country.

God Bless America.