McCain Pailin need to relate effect of raising taxes on Small Business to the employees i.e. Middle America

In Washington State, a Democratic State with a Democratic Governor we have seen the effects of raised taxes on business as this is one of the highest business tax states in the union. Boeing, one of our biggest companies threatened to uproot and leave after decades of their outstanding contribution to our area for creating jobs and revenue for the entire state. When Boeing said they had to go because it was just too expensive to do business in Washington everyone freaked out….the middle American people that is. The loss of Boeing or any business, even a reduction in employees not only effects the persons directly employed but produces a fall out for the entire town/city/county/state. For every employee has to do their daily routine…i.e. going to the grocery store, the gas station, seeing movies, shopping at the mall, and all of the other services that also employ people. This effect has been understated by McCain and Palin. They have done a great job of connecting the Obama policies to bad for Small Business “owners” or would be “owners” but frankly there is a large majority of people that Obama appeals to that could care less about their employer’s pocket book and they themselves don’t have the will or desire to own a small business. McCain is not reaching these people. A huge majority. You would think they could make the connection themselves that if their employer is taxed more, they will cut jobs or possibly move or go out of business. On any scale this not only effects the direct employees but indirectly effects all businesses in the community which the businesses operate and employees live. It is essentially the reverse “trickle down” effect. MCCAIN AND PALIN HAVE GOT TO CONNECT THE DOTS FOR ALL OF THESE PEOPLE MORE EFFECTIVELY. Small business definitely gets it. Their employees don’t. There is only 12 days left. Please—I do not want Obama for the next president. Help the employees GET IT.

I own a small business and have employed many people at different times. I work in the residential construction industry and absolutely love what I do. With the mortgage crisis, business this year has not been good, we may post a loss and under Obama, if I were a selfish person, I would fair better…for this year. The economy and the housing markets will come back which I believe would take much longer under Obama with the increased spending and penalties for success. There always needs to be incentive for working hard, taking risks and giving up some of the joys of life temporarily to make a better life for you and your family in the future. If there is no incentive, why work harder or take risks.

Another key that desperately needs emphasis to middle and lower income Americans is simply spelling out the current tax code and how the brackets CURRENTLY penalize you as you make more. The idea of penalizing or taking more from you as you grow in your success is not a new idea. It isn’t like everyone is taxed the same right now and “Corporate America” gets tax breaks that middle America doesn’t but this is how it has been portrayed by the Obama campaign and McCain/Palin haven’t challenged it head on and put it out there clearly enough. Lets face it, 40% of Americans don’t pay taxes, if they don’t even pay taxes they probably don’t know how the tax code effects those of us who do pay taxes and maybe they don’t care. It has to be clearly laid out, Americans are already taxed at significantly higher rates the more money they make. In a flat tax system a person makeing 50000 at 15% would pay $7500 in taxes and a person making $100000 would pay $15000 in taxes. So the person making more would already be paying double the 50K person. IN THE CURRENT CODE TODAY the person making 100000 is taxed at roughly double the rate or more so for simplicities sake the 100K person is now paying 4X what the 50K person is paying. When is enough enough and what constitutes “Fair”. The “WEALTH” is already being spread around and has for a very long time. Additional taxes to any business will kill growth when we already don’t have any. A lot of this information seems like common sense but with the mainstream media keeping Americans in a trance with Obama’s eloquent speaking I think they are forgetting the reality of the existing code and what the Obama changes will really mean. SPELL IT OUT!!! Help ALL AMERICANS understand the current tax code and what the Obama changes will do to every american – after they effect small business i.e. “reverse trickle down”.

Win this election for every American, not just small business.

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