Biden's Style Overshadows Substance

I would have looked him dead in the eye and said:  “Mister Vice President, do you think this is funny?  What we are doing here is talking about the future of this Country.  We disagree to be sure, but neither one of us is a fool, and I don’t appreciate being treated as one.”  You would have been able to hear a pin drop, all across this Country.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was disappointed in the debate last night.  I had thought and hoped that Paul Ryan would bury Joe Biden with his knowledge of the budget and economy.  I had hoped he would make a strong case against trillion dollar deficits, bankrupt entitlements and vilification of the rich.  Unfortunately, I forgot what kind of person his opponent was.  I was rudely reminded almost immediately.

“Uncle Joe” Biden is a consummate politician.  He is cocky, blustery and benefits from the experience of being in Congress longer than anyone has a right to.  He is a showman:  One minute waving his hands and shouting one liners, only to drop his voice to a whisper in feigned emotional platitudes.  You can’t get him off balance because he doesn’t care.  He blurts out whatever comes into his head with all the authority and seriousness of a judge.  You see, in his world, whoever says it loudest and with the most conviction is by definition, right.  If you silence your opponent, you win.

His job Thursday night was to give no ground.  After President Obama’s dismal performance, Joe was supposed to stop the bleeding.  They told him I’m sure to be tough and hit the talking points, but I don’t believe they told him to be disrespectful and arrogant.

The Libs over on MSNBC were giddy after the debate.  You see, they thrive on ad-hominem attacks, shouting and brow beating anyone who dares to question their twisted reality.  Joe Biden had fulfilled all their wishes.  That is the tactic they prefer; their MO when challenged, and they loved it.

Despite what the media would have you believe, I don’t think it “played very well in Peoria”.  Americans by and large are kind.  They are generally understanding, tolerant and reasonable.  I think many Americans being honest, would tell you that regardless of their politics, Vice President Biden’s behavior made them uncomfortable.

I was gratified to find today, that it wasn’t just me who found Biden’s demeanor less than what we might expect from our Vice President.  The focus thankfully now is not upon what he said, but rather how he acted and I can’t imagine that is what the Administration wanted to come from this debate.

Originally posted on 10/12/2012 at ConservativeCompass.com